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Resolution Woes? Get Inspired Here

new years day

Each New Year means making a list of the same old resolutions. And never looking at the list again. Perhaps considering traditions in other countries may help inspire you to follow through on some of those oh-so-familiar resolutions.

Want to increase face-to-face interactions and get to know your neighbors better? Do what they do in Scotland. Shortly after midnight, neighbors visit each other and pass on well wishes in a tradition called “first footing.” The Scots also celebrate the New Year with Hogmanay, a time of midnight games, food and general merriment.

The Japanese can inspire you to keep your house organized, finances balanced and relationships stable. New Year’s traditions in this country include making sure their homes are clean and debts are paid. Most importantly, they forgive old grievances and start fresh in the New Year.

In the Netherlands, purging the old and getting ready for the new happens in the streets. People burn old Christmas trees to show they are getting rid of the old.

You could get rid of your old ways too; try keeping your resolutions this year.