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Resolution Woes? Get Inspired Here

new years day

Each New Year means making a list of the same old resolutions. And never looking at the list again. Perhaps considering traditions in other countries may help inspire you to follow through on some of those oh-so-familiar resolutions.

Want to increase face-to-face interactions and get to know your neighbors better? Do what they do in Scotland. Shortly after midnight, neighbors visit each other and pass on well wishes in a tradition called “first footing.” The Scots also celebrate the New Year with Hogmanay, a time of midnight games, food and general merriment.

The Japanese can inspire you to keep your house organized, finances balanced and relationships stable. New Year’s traditions in this country include making sure their homes are clean and debts are paid. Most importantly, they forgive old grievances and start fresh in the New Year.

In the Netherlands, purging the old and getting ready for the new happens in the streets. People burn old Christmas trees to show they are getting rid of the old.

You could get rid of your old ways too; try keeping your resolutions this year.

Real Estate Resolutions: Tips for Homebuyers


Planning to buy in 2016? Preparation is the key to getting the best deal when shopping for a new home. Following are some tips to help you get started:

Define Needs Versus Wants: Make a list of your needs versus wants in the new home. For example, if you have a large and growing family then four bedrooms might be a necessity, while a pool might be negotiable.

Select a Location: Spend some time driving around town, researching schools and local amenities, crime rates, and other safety considerations. Select three to five areas to focus your search on.

Get Pre-Qualified: Find out how much you will be eligible to borrow and begin the paperwork so you are prepared to move quickly should a great deal arise.

Contact an Agent: Ask family and friends, perform a search for real estate agents that specialize in your target area, or consider using the services of a buyer’s agent. Let them know the price range you have been approved for, the type of home and zip codes of interest.

Read, Set and Search: Sign up for automatic listing notifications and begin viewing prospective properties online. Ask your agent for additional photos, virtual tour links and a Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange report, if available, which gives the insurance claim and loss history for residential properties. Once you find a property of interest, take a few minutes to google it before actually driving out in person. It’s often easy to see areas of concern from an aerial view as opposed to in person.


If the areas that you are looking to purchase your dream home is within Greater Orlando, NY-metro and Northern Virginia area, start the step now at Guidance Realty Homes. Our agents will be able to help you prepare to become a home owner in 2016!