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What A Beautiful Outside Can Do For Your Home’s Inside

GRH_BlogPost_How Great Landscaping Says Come Inside

Creating an inviting landscape not only ensures a positive first impression with buyers, but may also increase your home’s value and lead to a quicker sale. You don’t have to spend a lot to make big improvements in your home’s curb appeal. Keeping your lawn manicured – mowed and edged – and trimming bushes and trees is an inexpensive way to make a positive impression on buyers. You’ll also want to remove any dead or diseased plants and ensure beds are weeded and freshly mulched.

Before beginning any landscape project, make a plan. And if you live in a neighborhood with restrictive covenants requiring approval by a landscape committee, be sure to follow proper procedures to avoid spending money on projects that you may be forced to undo later. A project plan will also help ensure that you make wise choices and stay within your budget.
Use color and depth to create visual interest, and select a variety of plants that bloom or change color throughout the year so your yard will be attractive regardless of the season. If your yard is open to your neighbors’ yards, a street, or public areas, consider screening to create a more private space. This can be accomplished naturally with evergreen trees and bushes, or with an attractive fence.

Sometimes what you remove from a yard can be as important as what you put in. If the front of your home is obscured by overgrown trees or bushes, remove them or trim them back to help buyers get a clear view of your home. Remember that the goal is to create a welcoming first impression that says, “Come in!”

Trends in Landscaping:

  • Low maintenance vegetation: less lawn to mow, helps keep weeds in check.
  • More trees: enhance beauty and provide shade.
  • Decks, patios, and terraces: an outdoor living space for entertaining and relaxing.
  • Outdoor lighting: provides enticing views of your home and landscaping at night.
  • Irrigation system: costs more but simplifies lawn care and is attractive to buyers.

How to Leap Those First-Time Buyer’s Hurdles


First-time home buyers have plenty of obstacles to overcome. There is an intricate maze of details that need to be carefully navigated.

Following are 5 obstacles that first-time buyers have to overcome when looking to buy a home:

Down Payment:

Saving enough for the down payment is not sufficient. Closing costs must also be considered. Closing costs are additional fees such as the lawyer’s fees, escrow charges, appraisal fees, financing fees and utility adjustments. A good rule of thumb is 2% of the purchase price will cover the closing costs. So for a $200,000 home with a 5% down payment, you would require $14,000 to cover both the down payment and closing costs.

Mortgage Pre-approval:

Many first-time home buyers overlook the pre-approval process. This mistake can cost you your dream home. Visit a mortgage professional to see what kind of mortgage you qualify for and closely examine the actual cost of the money you must borrow to purchase a home.

Use a Real Estate Agent:

Some home buyers think they can go it alone. Buying a home is a complex legal process, and buyer representatives have the knowledge and know-how to make your home-buying experience a happy one.

Know the Difference Between What You Need and What You Want:

It is fine to dream big, but the home-buying process can be very frustrating when you have a $200,000 budget and $500,000 taste. It is essential to the buying process to identify what your home must have and what you would like it to have.

Believe in Yourself:

It seems that when you are buying your first home, everyone has an opinion about the purchase. This can be confusing because unsolicited advice clouds your decision. Believe in your ability to assimilate the facts, look at the property and decide what to buy.

We know that the home buying process can seem daunting and we are here to simplify it. Guidance Realty Homes is your complete solution for buying or selling a home. Plus you can earn a rebate off the sales price when using our agents.


Buying That First Home? Here’s What You Should Know

First Buyer New House

Taking that initial step towards becoming a homeowner can be an exciting experience. This is probably one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make and also likely to be one of the best long-term investments. It also signifies change and a new beginning. However, there are some things that first-time homebuyers should keep in mind.

Contact a home financing provider to find out what you can afford before you start to look. Being realistic from the beginning of the process will enable you to set expectations appropriately.  An experienced real estate agent will be able to put you in touch with them – some of whom will even provide you with a $350 appraisal credit, such as Guidance Residential.

Plan on putting down between 3.5 and 5% of the purchase price. This can come from either your own funds or be in the form of a gift from a close relative. You should also be prepared for other up-front expenses such as closing costs. Two ways you can potentially offset some of these upfront costs is to first inquire with your local city government about any first-time home buyer credits that may apply.  Second, talk with a Guidance Realty Homes agent about commission rebates that are offered to buyers and sellers.

If you’re looking at either foreclosures or short sales, allow extra time to complete the process, as these sales need to be approved by the holders of the mortgages on the properties. These lenders are undoubtedly overwhelmed at this point in time, so they might take several weeks or more just to respond to an offer submitted on a property.

Getting those keys to your first home can be exciting but make sure that you are prepared before you dive in. If you’re a first-time home buyer, be realistic and know that you won’t find your perfect dream home, but if it’s 80% of what you imagined, you have a winner. When you’re ready to take that first step, reach out to us here at Guidance Realty Homes to help you pick out the place that shouts, “Home Sweet Home” to you.