Seven Tips for Surviving the Holiday Road Trip


The holidays are a time of candy canes, presents, and, of course, long car trips to visit family and friends across the country.

Surviving a road trip can be a challenge even for adults – but with kids? Well, you just have to prepare ahead. Following are some tips to get you started:

1. Smile through the “Daddy I have to go,” moments by packing toilet paper and bringing a potty chair.

2. For babies, attach colorful mobiles that are out of reach but within visual range of their car seats. They’ll be happily occupied for hours.

3. Encourage toddlers to pack their own backpacks for the trip with their special toys and stuffed animals.

4. Take pictures at rest stops or even in the car to relive those funny moments.

5. Kids love car games. For rural trips, get the kids to watch for white cows or barns or tractors. In urban areas, you can play the license plate game, watching for out-of-town vehicles or trying to figure out vanity plates. Twenty questions can be fun too.

6. Bring good-for-you snacks such as fruit and cheese. You’ll feel better when you reach your destination if you and the kids haven’t binged on candy for eight hours.

7. And don’t forget about you. Bring your own stash of goodies to enjoy when everyone else is asleep. And do take turns driving. It’s safer and will make the trip much more enjoyable for everyone – even the driver.

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