How to Save Big Bucks by Refurbishing

Refurb home decor

A wooden bookcase can take on new life as a storage bench when turned on its side and a cushion is added to the top. A lampshade can be covered with wallpaper for a designer touch. A solid but unappealing chair can be painted and re-covered to create a unique piece.

These days it’s all about reusing and recycling. With a bit of imagination and some work, finds from thrift stores, garage sales and even Dumpster diving can be refurbished for a great – and environmentally responsible – new look. And the best part? You’ll save money too. Following are some tips for refurbishing:

  • Look for well-built, solid furniture to transform.
  • Check online for great, inexpensive ideas.
  • Don’t forget the Habitat for Humanity store near you for deals that appeal to your social conscience.
  • Good furniture that has been given a new life goes well in any décor.
  • Have fun.
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