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3 Tips to Improve the Online Appeal of Your Listings

Shopping online is no longer limited to your everyday consumer products. According to data from the 2012 National Association of Realtors, before ever making a call to a real estate agent, 88% of homebuyers are starting their search for a home online. As a listing agent, this means if your listing does not show well online you may be losing out on potential buyers.


Moreover, 8 out of 10 homebuyers who used the internet in their search reported that the listing’s photos and detailed property information played an important role in their decision. This means a cell phone camera won’t cut it. Below are a few tips that, if applied with a wide-angle lens and a stand and shoot camera, can make the difference between a hot or cold listing.


Tip 1: Lighting & the time of day
For exterior shots, shoot in the middle of the day when the sun is shining and the sky is blue, says Gregory Haberstick, who trains professional photographers for Foxtons, a real-estate company serving New York and New Jersey.
For interior shots, Bill Bayless, a real-estate photographer in Damascus, Oregon, suggests turning on all the lights and using a flash. “The flash adds in all of the correct colors and fills in the shadows, making the room look brighter,” he says.  Clear pictures taken from the inside of your home sends a melody of welcome.


Tip 2: Getting the right angles
The photos must show every inch of the home, which will provide them with a clear site and feel as if the person was onsite. Trying multiple angles will help to showcase your rooms as spacious and inviting. It is also essential to focus on the kitchen, master bedroom, bathrooms and family room.
“Shooting on angles (from corners) in rooms gives the impression of greater space. You can make a very small room look so much larger just on how you position the camera.” – Chase Thibodeaux is a real estate photographer from Xposure Real Estate Photography.


Untitled1 Untitled

See how much more inviting the right angle and lighting can make a home seem.

Tip 3: Edit, edit, edit

There are many free editing tools you can utilize to enhance the quality of your photos. Be sure to adjust the brightness or contrast, crop out ceilings and unnecessary backgrounds or shrubbery.  Home buyers online do not like to see distractions. Here are some websites that make editing easy:, and

Photography can increase the attractiveness of your listing to potential homebuyers. Make sure to try multiple angles, get the right lighting and use tools to edit the photos. Remember, before you can have a homebuyer come out and visit your home, they have to click on it first!



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