6 Criteria in Evaluating Your Next Agent (Part 3)


Summary: In Part 1 & 2 we shared 4 behaviors that would add meaningful value to your home search, in this post we will share the final 2 behaviors, providing a comprehensive rubric to evaluate your real estate agents.

1 Dedication

Finding a full-time agent is a foundational first step in the evaluation process. Someone who is only working in the field part time can only focus part of his or her energy on your needs. And in an industry that requires agility and speed to successfully sell or purchase a home, anything less than full-time focus simply will not cut it.

2 Flexiblity

Closely evaluate an agent’s habits to ensure he/she is flexible enough to mobilize whatever resources are necessary to close the instant a viable buyer or seller emerges.

3. Inquisitive

if a real estate agent hasn’t taken measures to understand what you need in terms of price, proximity to public transit, neighborhood amenities, school systems and otherwise, then they can’t possibly create a search tailored specifically to you.

4. Attentive

be sure that every property an agent shows lines up with the information you provided during the early stages of the process or drop them for someone who is a better listener.

Lets take a closer look at behaviors 5 & 6

5. Area Knowledge

While speaking with Tom Roberts – a Guidance Residential Gold Agent from Tampa, Flordia – he explained the crucial important of partnering with a realtor who has deep understanding of the area in which a search is concentrated.

“I have lived in Tampa since I bought my first house in 1963,” said Roberts. “I now have had six homes and I did all that buying and selling before I was a realtor. So, I know the area, I’ve seen how it’s grown, know the good neighborhoods and have access to whatever community amenities you need. That kind of knowledge only comes through experience, not osmosis.”

On that note, prospective home buyers would be well advised to learn about an agent’s experience in a given area, as knowledge gaps could be prevalent when that realtor is looking outside his/her niche.

6. Graceful

Of course, it’s in every real estate agent’s best interest to close the sale. However, it shouldn’t take brute force for that to transpire.

In other words, next-level agents will gracefully enable homebuyers to make the best decision for themselves by providing all the relevant research combined with their own expert analysis. And if that strategy alone doesn’t empower homebuyers to know what’s right, then the agent hasn’t done his or her job very well.

That concludes our series. Find a next-level Gold Agent  help you buy your dream home today.


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