6 Criteria in Evaluating Your Next Agent (Part 1)


Summary: In our 3 part series we will be sharing 6 behaviors from interviewing our Gold Agents that resulted in an exceptional home buying experience for their customers.

Buying a home is arguably one of the most monumental purchases you will ever make. Consequently, it’s important for homebuyers – especially first timers – to utilize all the resources at their disposal before diving into the decision-making process.

And while one’s personal network and independent research are a good starting point, finding a trustworthy real estate agent can be integral in helping homebuyers find the most suitable property available.

However, as in any industry, there are poor realtors who can be a stumbling block for those with whom they intersect. Consequently, the question arises how a prospective homebuyer can differentiate the truly excellent realtors from the posers.

Well, since part of our goal here at Guidance dbc | Mortgage is to educate, we put together a list of behaviors for homebuyers to look for that would suggest a realtor could add truly meaningful value to a search.

Let’s take a closer look.

1. Dedicated
It’s important for prospective homebuyers to remember there is a low barrier to entry in the real estate industry. Consequently, amidst all the qualified, dedicated realtors capable of helping you find a dream property, there are legions of amateurs who simply moonlight as real estate agents and don’t have the experience, training or knowledge to provide a value add that warrants full commission.

Therefore, finding a full-time agent is a foundational first step in the evaluation process.

Think of it this way. Someone who is only working in the field part time can only focus part of his or her energy on your needs. And in an industry that requires agility and speed to successfully sell or purchase a home, anything less than full-time focus simply will not cut it. Bottom line is moonlighting is well suited to Batman, not your real estate agent.  Which transitions nicely into the next point …

2. Flexibility

While perusing the ‘Careers’ section of any news outlet, you’ll find a ton of articles that explain the value and importance of work-life balance. However, when it comes to evaluating potential realtors, you want someone who ignores that advice and is tethered to their clients’ needs at all times. Why? Because without flexibility, there value add is infinitely dwarfed.

Real estate is arguably one of the least patient industries in existence. Especially in hot markets, good pieces of property can be snatched up in literally a matter of hours and if you’re realtor isn’t paying close attention then you could find yourself out of luck simply because you didn’t move fast enough.

With that in mind, you’ll want to closely evaluate a realtor’s habits to ensure he/she is flexible enough to mobilize whatever resources are necessary to close the instant a viable buyer or seller emerges.

We will be sharing parts 2 and 3 next week. Find a next-level Gold Agent  help you buy your dream home today.

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