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Guidance Realty Homes understands the needs of today's buyers and sellers and created a unique, comprehensive process that simplifies the overall real estate transaction. Whether buying your first home, upgrading or downsizing, Guidance Realty Homes is committed to inform and guide you every step of the way. We are your trusted advisor and advocate in the home buying or selling journey.

Who we are

Who we are

Guidance Realty Homes has a team of professionals that are dedicated to making the search and purchase of your new home convenient, straightforward and cost-effective. Our complete home buying solution provides all the tools you need to find a home that reflects your values and lifestyle, with one added benefit - peace of mind.

Guidance Realty Homes is a rapidly growing multi-state real estate brokerage with branches in Florida, New York, Illinois, Maryland, Texas and Northern Virginia. As a member of the Capital Guidance family of companies, we draw significant experience from the expertise of our sister company Guidance Residential, a national home financing provider established in 2002 that has become the leader in serving the needs of American-Muslim home buyers.

Why Guidance Realty Homes

Who we are

Busy schedules, complicated paperwork, and confusing real estate jargon can overwhelm even the savviest consumer. Guidance Realty Homes has built a foundation on simplifying this process for today's homebuyers and sellers. Our Realtors® come from diverse backgrounds and are highly trained experts in the field of real estate and the markets we serve.

Our unique, expedient process leads you through the steps to buying or selling a home in a transparent and straightforward manner. For buyers, our complete home buying solution provides all the tools you will need to help you navigate the process from A to Z. You are able to assess how much home you can afford, secure the financing you need, then use our latest technology to search and find listings near landmarks that meet your needs and compliment your values.

As a seller, our experienced agents will price, position and market your home to sell for maximum value while helping you earn more from our discounted listing fee. Working with Guidance Realty Homes is a smart decision!

How it works

When listing your house with us, you receive many benefits such as competitive listing fee, strategic marketing advice, staging advice and agents who understand the market. Our listing specialists offer an array of services to help sell your home fast and for the best price possible. For buyers, begin with a free consultation with our local Guidance Realty Homes Realtors® to go over your specific needs and become familiar with the latest trends in your market. Next, you'll have the option to be introduced to a financing specialist that can instantly pre-qualify you for financing. Once pre-qualified, expedite your home search by using our community-relevant search engine to narrow down your choices, schedule visits to the listings of your choice and finally request our Realtors® to place the right offer. Guidance has the team and the tools to make your dream home become a reality.

A Shariah-Compliant Home Financing Option

Who we are

As a home buyer you can enjoy the benefits of participating in today's real estate market without compromising quality or your principles. Pre-qualify for financing with our trusted home financing provider, Guidance Residential, LLC. Guidance Residential's sound home financing program is also the leading Shariah-compliant financing program in the nation.

Extremely competitive with traditional home financing options, the Program is certified by an independent Shariah Supervisory Board that is comprised of highly respected scholars of Islamic financial transaction law. For more information about the nation's leading Shariah-based home finance company and its consumer-friendly financing products visit www.guidanceresidential.com.

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